Friday, August 28, 2009

If A Man Designs a Board Game...

If your husband makes a board game by hand and sells a few copies it will be bought by a game company employee. This game company employee will love it so much, the game company will offer you a contract so they can produce the game. Everyone will be really excited.

A long time will pass and you will begin to wonder if the game company is really going to produce the game or not. The game company will want to change some of the rules, which will make you wonder if your husband should have signed a contract or not. Your husband will decide the rule changes are fine. Your husband will deliberate over the new board and game elements and be anxious to see them in person.

Then you will begin receiving emails about when the game is coming out. You will receive more emails telling you it's been pushed back. Finally you will receive an email that it is coming soon. The game company will start promoting the game. Your husband might get to go to a big game convention to promote his game.

Then your husband will start thinking about how he can best promote his game. He will call local game stores and set up times to play this game. The local business paper will write a tiny, somewhat accurate story about your husband and his game. Then the Big Paper will decide to write a story on your husband and his game. Which means: a reporter and a photographer are coming to your house. To report and photograph.

Feel free to panic. I did.

Let's just say that the interview about this game has been the most stressful part of this whole thing since Prince Charming considered the original contract. I don't think either of us is cut out for celebrity. Then again, who knows? Once I'm a published author and he has games filling the game store shelves, we may just carry around pens especially for signing autographs. You know, just in case.

(P.S. Want to buy a copy? You can find it here: Revolution!)


Karabeth said...

And as far as I'm concerned you will still be subject to what Dave Ramsey lovingly refers to as "The Powdered Butt Syndrome." Just kidding.

I'm proud of both you and Prince Charming. And I didn't even mind being a guinea pig for the game. :)

(Can't wait to read the book! Are you using all your "spare time" to write it? Ha! Ha!)

Lisa said...

Wow! That's exciting. Be sure and cut out the article so I can have a copy!

Amy said...

Oh if ONLY you had signed my chocolate wrapper when I won that bloggy giveaway of yours a while back. *sigh*

Now I'll just have to wait for a book signing and drive to a Big City near me! And I SO would! :)

Keep us posted on the game!

(P.S. - Be sure and stop by my blog for a little contest I have going!)

Vicky said...

How very cool! You mean I really know someone who might actually become famous and all of that??!! WOW! :) Super news! CONGRATS!

Amy said...

Speaking of games.... be sure and stop by my blog to enter a little ol' contest of mine. Today is the last day!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

How interesting! I had no idea how new games come into being.

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