Monday, August 10, 2009

And Next I'll Juggle Three Children, Blindfolded

After a whirlwind weekend (baby shower, trip to our state capitol, swimming, staying up late, attending two church services, traveling back from our state capitol, attending another church service, picking up some food, putting kids to bed, late again...) we're getting back to regularly scheduled programing.

That is: we've started school again. My plan was to go nice and slow, for several reasons:

1. We didn't get much sleep this weekend so we slept in late. (see above)
2. I have two school age children for the first time. (3rd grader and Kindergarten)
3. We've missed some habit training this summer and are starting over again. (Yes, you do have to make your bed.)
4. We have a busy weekend this week too: our annual ballgame, Prince Charming is going away for a day to promote his game, our church picnic...

So, I thought Bible, History, Phonics, and Math would be enough to keep us busy for one day. (Plus grocery, library, and everything else, of course.)

The girls are not quite seeing it my way though. They understand we all slept in and we had a busy weekend, (Eating out! Swimming! Staying up late to watch the Parent Trap! And When! Can! We! Do! It! Again?!) but they do not understand the concept of easing into anything.

"Mom, can we just do all the other subjects too? Please?"
"Mom, can I have a piano lesson today? Please?"

Much as these requests warm my heart (I mean, I took piano for twelve years but I don't think I ever begged for a lesson), the answer is a resounding, "NO." They may be ready but I am not.

I need a few more brain cells awake before we start diagramming sentences and memorizing Latin vocabulary. And I need to discover a failure free way to contain the Two Year Old Terror. (Sample Dialogue from this morning: "Mom, she's kissing me! But she knows I don't want her to!" And that was before she crumpled the alphabet flash cards and tore down Polly's block pyramid.)

What can I say? There's no place like home and nothing like homeschooling.


Kelly said...

Two Year Old Terror? Bring Sweet Pea out here! We'll entertain her.

On second thought, Rosie might eat her for lunch. You'd better keep her at home. ;)

Pastor said...

Would the trick be easier if you blindfolded the children?

Pastor Dad

sarah in the woods said...

Oh yes, juggling. Lots of fun. Especially two year olds. Sounds just like my house.

Amy said...

Ooh! We've started back to school too! We're finishing up our second week. For first grade we are doing daily: copywork, Bible, & Math, and then 2 days each of science and history. We still have some bugs to work out, and I'm considering adding on grammar in a few weeks after we've gotten into a routine.

And those 2 year olds know all the older-sibling buttons to push to get a reaction, don't they? Of course, THAT works both ways!

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