Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

You're the best!


Pastor said...

Who chooses these photos? Is there a committee? Is there an editorial review board?

P.S I actually love this photo

Pastor Dad

Karen@Candid Diversions said...

The picture process works like this:

1. "Hm. Do I have any pictures of (the birthday person) as a baby or young child?"

2. "Why, yes. I have one."

3. "Guess I'll post it."

I really need to raid a few family picture stashes...

Vicky said...

Would you look at that wallpaper! Definitely Retro! But, a cute little guy, none the less! Happy belated Birthday, Pastor Dad!

Pastor said...

The kid is sporting a Roy Rogers' leather two-gun rig with roll cap fire capability and Vicky notices the wallpaper!? Please. Well, she did notice that he is cute and wish him a Happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

He's not only cute but an intelligent, sweet wonderful brother. Lots of love to you. I happen to think the wallpaper is beautiful since it's in my grandmas bedroom. Lots of good memories there.

Karabeth said...

Ahem! He's also a great husband, but only I would really know that. :)

Even though I said my happy birthdays yesterday, it is a pleasure to send a belated one electronically now.

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