Thursday, July 23, 2009

Awesome Anniversary Trip - Part 9

So, if you can remember way back to my last anniversary post (June 12) we left The Metropolitan Tabernacle and made our way back North of the River. (That'd be the Thames...) Prince Charming had a few game stores he wanted to find. Generally speaking this would not have been a problem, but we kept getting off and on the wrong buses. So it took way longer and way more walking than it should. Then, after finding at least one of the stores, Prince Charming wanted to find an old library one of his mentors had told him about.

Guess what? Yes, we got on and off the wrong bus again. Now it was getting later in the afternoon and we were walking more slowly. OK, I was walking slower. I was about 20 paces behind Prince Charming. I started daydreaming about jumping on whatever bus went by next, with or without him. Not admirable of me, I know, but I'm just, as they say, "keeping it real" here. A long time later we finally found this place:
We had to beg ask to be let in. "No, we didn't have an appointment"; "Yes, we only wanted to see it"; "Yes, we understand there isn't anyone to give us a tour"; "We promise we're just poor little Americans who want to look around so we can tell someone back home we saw it. Please?"

The lady guarding the door did let us in. Prince Charming looked around a little bit while she watched him like a hawk and made inane conversation (she obviously didn't know much about the collection she was guarding). I sat on an uncomfortable wooden chair, much appreciated by my feet, if not by other parts of me.

We left that building and stood on the sidewalk again. Prince Charming had started picking up on the signs that I was not happy. We couldn't decide what to do next, probably because my verbal skills had been submerged in achiness and general crankiness. It was decided that wherever we went next, we ought to go by bus. So we caught another double decker and rode that for awhile.

We ended up going to Kensington Palace. We walked through a gorgeous park and then we saw a crowd of people looking at this: Kensington is still home to many royals ("lesser royals" is how some explain it. Anyone not Queen Elizabeth II = lesser) so there was much speculation over who this might be. First guess would be Prince Charles but he was in Italy during our trip so it wasn't him. (Thank goodness. I'd hate to think I waved that enthusiastically to him.)
Speculation in the crowd leaned toward it being Prince William. Whether this has basis in fact or we all just REALLY wanted it to be William, I do not know. Whoever it was, it was fun to see a helicopter taking off from a garden right in front of you.

We saw beautiful old buildings like this (now a restaurant):
We walked around the grounds a bit:
And we went into the gift shop but we didn't do the full tour. (Money, Time, and Feet all being against it).

My mood had greatly improved at this point. I leave it to you to guess why. So Prince Charming and I caught another bus back toward our hotel. We ended up eating at a darling little French restaurant near there. The food was great and we had plenty to talk about.

Oh, and if you were wondering, we had some fried potatoes at this restaurant. (Prince Charming ordered them) The closest thing to these in the United States? McDonald's. Seriously! If you want genuine "French Fries", MacDonald's is your best bet.

And speaking of McDonald's, that would figure in our visit to Scotland as well. One last night in London and we would be on our way North...

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Pastor said...

You are going to have people believing you were actually in England ;)

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