Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What I've Been *cough* Doing

I think I mentioned, not long ago actually, that I had to go to the doctor for some severe respiratory problems (read: I could not breathe). That visit won me some antibiotics, an inhaler, and an over the counter medicine that was supposed to help.

And it did help, for awhile. I got almost all the way through VBS without getting too winded.

Then I spent the night with Princess and Fen because my brother-in-law (what am I going to name him?) had to get back to work. He works nights on the weekends so I took Friday night and Lulu took Saturday. I enjoyed spending time with my baby sister and her baby but anything nice has a price, right?

I went home and took a long nap. I informed Prince Charming that we are now too old to have any more children. He laughed, possibly incredulously, possibly with relief. (I was too tired to tell which) Then Saturday night rolled around and I spent the ENTIRE night gasping for breath and / or coughing.

First I thought I was going to die and then I just hoped I would. Bad, is what I'm saying.

The Urgent Care opens at 10 a.m. so instead of taking me there, my family left me alone (I am purposely making this sound worse than it was because it's my blog and I can) to go to church. I crumpled on the couch, still gasping for the occasional bit of oxygen and dozing off every few minutes. When church was over my family returned, we dropped the girls at Gram & Granddad's and off we went to the now familiar doctor's office.

Can you believe I didn't wheeze one time during the doctor's visit?! I mean, three hours before my breath clicked, purred and gasped out of me. At the doctor's? Not so much. Still, he could tell I was congested and generally Not Well.

He prescribed another round of antibiotic, a prescription cough syrup, a prescription allergy medicine and issued an order for a chest x-ray. I'm particularly excited about that last item. I'm supposed to wait a week before getting it, just in case I get better.

He also said the next step includes steroids. To which I joked to Prince Charming, "Well, I've always wanted to bulk up." Which isn't true, but I was running on very little sleep at that point. (Am I admitting that fatigue makes me lie?)

Prince Charming has also been fighting some sort of cough / cold combo. Unfortunately for him, his is not as spectacular as mine. It has brought us to a new level of openness in our marriage, though. ("Ew! Look what just came out of my lungs!" Being just one example)

I'm guessing you could have done without reading that last paragraph. Sorry. Let's blame it on the meds and call it a day.