Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today Is...

1. Tuesday. But you already knew that.

2. The due date for my beautiful nephew, who is, apparently, not going to be as punctual as his female cousins (my girls). He likes his comfy home in his mommy. She is convinced he will never make his appearance. We know better, but waiting is still hard.

3. Day 2 of our Vacation Bible School. Lots more singing, shouting, penny offering, jumping, listening, video watching, teaching, stickering, charting, cookie eating, Kool-Aid drinking (probably not for me, I'm not a fan), crafting, VBS store browsing, etc. etc. etc. My girls are ready!

4. My Papaw's 80th Birthday. I don't have a baby picture to post. I don't even have one of him as a young man. It doesn't much matter as he does not read this blog, doesn't know what a blog is and is going out of town today even if he did. But I can't let it pass without notice. Prince Charming has already informed Polly that when HE turns 80 a big party is in order and it is her job to produce it. No pressure. She's got a few years to plan it.

Papaw is running for the hills on his birthday. OK, really he and Mamaw are just going on a mountain vacation. Sounded funnier the first way. Papaw is always here for my girls' birthday parties (except for once, when he ended up in the hospital instead. I told him if he didn't want to come to the party just say so...), and sometimes he gets in a little practice blowing candles:

So anyway: Happy Birthday! Maybe Fennec will get his act together and come today to honor his Great-Grandparent. However, if little Fen is anything like his Great-Papaw, he has his own time frame and will do exactly as he pleases.

Last minute update: Just heard that Princess is now at the hospital. Looks like Fen may honor us with his presence on his due date after all...


Kelly said...


Amy said...

Oh how exciting! I hope your nephew has arrived safe and sound.

Our VBS is in two weeks... oh boy. ;)

Vicky said...

WOOHOO! Sure hope Fennec arrives today! Blessings and prayers to all!

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