Friday, June 26, 2009

Thunder, Lightning, & Girls

If I seem groggy this morning, I can explain: last night the largest thunderstorm of '09 parked right over our house. There was so much lightning, I could have read a book by it. And the thunder, oh, the thunder!

I woke at approximately 2:03 a.m. because of the storm (I can't be more specific because I didn't have my glasses on or contacts in. It was early in the 2's). I listened for several minutes, thinking the house was going to lose power, or our big tree would fall, or lightning would hit our porch roof, any minute.

Apparently the oldest girls had the same thoughts because, at 2:14 (I had put my glasses on by now), they showed up in our bedroom doorway.

"We can't sleep."

"Because of the storm."

"It's scary."

"So we don't feel well."

They tag-teamed, finishing each other's sentences. I moved out to the living room couch with them. We snuggled under our favorite blanket and watched the light show. Every blast of thunder (many!) they shuddered and cuddled closer. Prince Charming got up long enough to wander through the house.

"Wow, it's really light," he commented as he stumbled around. (No glasses) He paused in the living room. "How many of you are out here?" (Did I mention he had no glasses or contacts?)

"Three of us," we informed him. The girls giggled as he felt their heads. Satisfied we were telling the truth about our numbers, he headed back to bed. (Query: how come the dad gets to go back to bed? Just asking.)

We talked about thunderstorms and how grateful we were to be inside in our nice, strong, house. We talked about what we would do if the power went out: light candles, call the power company to fix it, etc. Ever since the big windstorm last September (power out for 4 days), Tigger's biggest worry has been power outages. It made quite an impression on her.

Finally the cloud that must have been hovering over our roof began to move away. I walked the girls back to their room, tucked them back in, and turned their lullaby c.d. back on. (Hoping, of course, that the power stayed on at least long enough for them to fall asleep!) Sweet Pea never woke up, although I covered her again anyway. She falls asleep in strange positions.

So that's my reason for feeling groggy. That and the fact that I had to use my inhaler again last night. (I'd really like my usual lungs back...) Oh, and the tiny little fact that Prince Charming is gone for the entire day.

The girls took one look at my tired face this morning and chorused, "What are we going to do without Daddy?"

The same things we do everyday, just without Daddy. We'll see how it goes. Right now the girls have their 20 Barbie dolls and their approximately 57, 241 accessories spread all over the living room floor. I think I might curl up with a good book. Or there's always laundry. Did I mention the clothes on the line yesterday got completely soaked?

Where's my book?


Kelly said...

I feel your pain! I was so scared that I slept in the hallway just in case my windows blew in or a watermelon sized piece of hail burst into my room.

Vicky said...

Oh that sure brought back memories! Thanks!

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