Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Post We've All Been Waiting For

Want to see my perfect nephew? Of course you do. I stayed up half the night so I could. I never thought other babies would keep me up as late as my own, but I digress.

He was kind of tired of the whole deal: But he made time for his favoriteAunt Karen to admire him: Vital statistics:

Born June 10, 1:25 a.m.
7 lbs. 2 oz. (Same size Tigger started at)
Has already wrapped Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Gram, Granddad and one Aunt (me!) around his little fingers. Plans to begin on the rest of the family ASAP.


Amy said...

Oh how exciting:) He is beautiful! I am sure that Princess is just ecstatic to finally have her baby in her arms.

Anonymous said...

So thankful to have your blog to keep me updated on the happenings of your family. The newest addition is adorable! Please tell Laura congratulations! As you know time passes by very quicky and she should savor every moment. I enjoy reading about your girls and seeing their pictures. It so reminds me of you and your sisters not too long ago! Kathi Hamby

livingonthecreek said...

Congrats on the aunt-hood! Little boys are just grand! He's a cutie. He and Colton will have to meet each other some day. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
Gran-Momma Donna

MacKenzie said...

Ahh, how cute. Congratulations! (Are you supposed to congratulate aunts, well, I'm going to anyway!)

Kelly said...

Has also successfully wrapped Kelly around his little fingers too. :)

Vicky said...

Missed great-granddad's birthday by a whole 1 hour and 25 minutes! Hmmmm! Interesting detail considering everything I've heard about him already!

CONGRATS to all the family on the beautiful arrival!

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