Monday, June 22, 2009

Post Father's Day Rambling

I know, I know, mea culpa: Father's Day has come and gone and I posted not one word about it. Yes, I did remember it (no doubt thanks to my dad's frequent reminders) and we managed to have a gift and card for all the necessary folks (Prince Charming, Prince Charming's Dad, Pastor Dad).

Prince Charming's gift was more laundry for me. Unless he finally takes his father-in-law's advice and just sends it out to the cleaners. I think we'd all be happier that way. (Can I just say: white dress shirts = bane of my laundry maid existence)

Our dads received coffee mugs with carefully selected and arranged pictures of the girls on them. Actually I designed mine and ordered if for my dad about 2 months ago. Prince Charming is a copy cat lazy decided his dad ought to have one too. At least one family member (not the men who received the mugs) has noticed that we tend to gravitate toward photo gifts. There was a bit of complaint that "you have it so easy: just stick a picture of your kids on something and everyone's happy".

Well, I suppose that's one thing to be said for having three children: gift giving is easier. It's just one of the perks to an often expensive and frequently exhausting job.

We're really hoping our church directory pictures turn out well tomorrow. Then Christmas will be covered.

Just kidding. I think.


Pastor said...

I LOVE my mug! Coffee and beautiful pictures. Can life get any better - I submit that it cannot

Pastor Dad

Karin said...

That's a cool idea!! Glad dad liked it, too!

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