Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a Few More...

Once we got to a more sensible hour today, the girls went to play at a friend's house (much appreciated, not least of all because the mother of their friend wasn't feeling well and was willing to watch them anyway!) while Uncle Prince Charming and I betook ourselves to the hospital.

Where, after patiently waiting a few minutes for his turn (Fennec has a lot of fans) Prince Charming bonded with his nephew: And, not long after, the precious bundle moved into my hands again: We enjoyed talking with Princess and her husband (haven't thought of a suitable blog name yet, but I suppose I must). I had the chance to help her with nursing, and changing, and dressing Fen (I am an old pro at such activities, after all), and above all, took lots more pictures: Don't let him fool you. He was awake. He seems to think if he pretends to sleep we'll stop taking pictures.

How sweetly misguided! The only thing that made Prince Charming stop snapping away was the camera's batteries running out. But we can get more batteries and I have a feeling we're going to need them once Polly, Tigger, and Sweet Pea get a chance to see, hold and love on "our baby" (as Polly and Tigger referred to him today).


livingonthecreek said...

It's hard to believe he's bigger than Colton and he was 8 weeks old today. Such sweet pictures. Little boys are just sweethearts aren't they? Little girls are too. :-) Enjoy him!
Colton's Gran-Momma Donna

Anonymous said...

Our computer has been acting up so it wouldn't let me comment earlier.

He's ADORABLE!! And "aunty-hood" is just awesome. ;)

Congrats to you all!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I was able to help you out yesterday...feeling sick or not. You would have done it for me, in fact you have done it before! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I can't wait to meet him! - Rachel

Vicky said...

He is a beauty, for sure!

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