Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Disappointment, Playgrounds, & Toddlers

A few days ago Polly was invited by friends to go to a water park. We didn't really discuss it with her at the time. There were a few reasons why it might not have worked. However these friends have helped work out all the difficulties so Prince Charming and I are sending her off this morning on her Amazing Water Park Getaway.

This left one complication: what to do with Tigger. It isn't possible for her to go on the waterpark trip. We wanted to have something to fill the aching void (OK, I exaggerate only slightly) so we schemed up a Happy Meal picnic lunch / park / ice cream cone type afternoon for Tigger and Sweet Pea.

We called Tigger into our room this morning, cuddled with her in our bed and explained the game plan. Result: happy smiles instead of tears. Unforeseen complication: Sweet Pea is not buying the whole "alternate activity" thing. She keeps crying, "Swim? I swim!"

Um, no. Really, really not possible. How about a picnic? The playground? Ice Cream?

"I swim!"

Explain to me how a child who hasn't been swimming since LAST September (when she wasn't even 2 years old) can know she's missing out on the Most Fun Ever. I don't get it. I thought toddlers were supposed to be distractable.

Prince Charming is going along with this plan but I can see scepticism in his eyes. The kind of all-knowing look that reminds me we won't always be able to shield our children from disappointment. I know that. Really, I do.

It's just that I want to, as much as I can. And yes, all you armchair psychologists, I realize this is probably related to my own desire to be shielded from disappointment and rejection and so forth. Why do you think I married Prince Charming?

Ahem. Never mind all that. I hear a playground calling our names. I also still hear Sweet Pea insisting, "I swim!"

Sigh. Looking on the bright side: at least Tigger's taking it well. I never could have called that one.


Pastor said...

How true that is!

Pastor Dad

Kelly said...

You could have brought them here to see Rosie! What a missed opportunity. ;)

Amy said...

Yeah... it is pretty amazing how those supposed-to-be-distractable toddlers can so stubbornly cling to an idea like that!
Yay for Tigger for being so easy-going! :) And I hope Sweet Pea had fun. :)

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