Monday, June 8, 2009

Books of 2009 - May

1. Reel Parables: Life Lessons from from Popular Films. Non-fiction by James Hogan. This Catholic author calls movies the parables of our time. He talked about several of my personal favorites (Star Wars, for one) and a few I've been meaning to watch (Hoosiers, Rudy). This would be a good book to read before watching one of the movies he mentions, especially if you wanted to spark discussion with your younger set.

2. Naked Once More. Fiction by Elizabeth Peters. I believe this was a Jacqueline Kirby mystery but I can't remember and I didn't enjoy it that much anyway. Also: what a horrible title!

3. Pride and Prescience. Fiction by Carrie Bebris. Mildly entertaining "Mr. & Mrs. Darcy solve a mystery" type story. Didn't like the supernatural elements.

4. Celebutards. Non-fiction by Andrea Peyser. Commentary on those tiresome celebrities that suppose we actually care what they think about national defense, saving the planet or whatever. Shut Up and Sing by Laura Ingraham is along the same lines, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

5. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive. Fiction by Alexander McCall Smith. Rare is the month when I don't have at least one or two of this author's works to mention.

6. City Chic. Non-fiction by Nina Willdorf. Supposed to be how "city girls" can live stylishly and frugally. Forgettable and I'm not sure why I read it anyway, as I am not a "city girl" and I couldn't care less about the types of things this book describes how to do (drinking on a budget? Not hardly.)

7. Versailles: A Biography of a Palace. Non-fiction by Tony Spawforth. Educational and entertaining. I have to say that this is one of the first "place biographies" that I've read but it was very good.

8. Writing the Popular Novel. Non-fiction by Loren Estleman. Read because I am, one of these days, going to write a Popular Novel, don't you know.

9. A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy. Fiction by Charlotte Greig. Ugh. No. Avoid at all costs. I kept thinking this book would get better and then it ended with (SPOILER WARNING): an abortion. So no, it did NOT get better and how I wish I would never have read it. Be warned!

10. Made from Scratch. Non-fiction by Jenna Woginrich. Part memoir, part how-to get started in a "simpler" lifestyle. At times charming and humorous but also snobbish and unnecessarily political (naming a troublesome chicken "Ann Coulter"? How classy of Ms. Woginrich. I suppose if I had a troublesome, screeching hen I would name her "Barbra Streisand" but I doubt Ms. Woginrich would be amused.)

May totals:
Fiction: 4
Non-fiction: 6
Complete wastes of time whether fiction or not: 2.

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Kelly said...

I am reading Pride and Prescience right now! I reserved lots of Pride and Prejudice "sequels" actually. :)

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