Thursday, June 4, 2009

500 Posts And 3 Medications

Dear Blog Friends,

Well, here it is: My 500th post! My little blog is growing up.

To celebrate I was going to draw the winners for my giveaway but instead of that (fun) activity it looks like I'll be lazing around and taking three kinds of medication (two prescription - including my very first inhaler, one OTC) for a nasty case of bronchitis (looks like it wasn't allergies after all).

I have to get my rest, you understand, because tomorrow is the long anticipated library book sale bag day, which I never miss. And, any day now, my nephew (whom I will be naming "Fennec" for the purposes of this blog - inside joke- never mind) will make his almost equally long anticipated appearance. Hospitals tend to frown on visitors who are hacking, sneezing, coughing, and struggling to breathe in the maternity ward (go figure) so I have to concentrate on getting better quickly.

So I'll catch everyone later and announce the three winners later and well, later,


Anonymous said...

Hope you get better soon. You might try distracting yourself with pleasant random thoughts on something else like well... for example... FATHERS' DAY just as an example.

Pastor Dad

Lisa said...

500!?! I just made 100. Your life is some much more interesting.

Kelly said...

I hope you feel better!

Vicky said...

Hope you feel better SOON! Have fun at the library!

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