Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Interrupt This Travel Blog To Say:

Happy Birthday to The Bear!

My baby brother (which he will always be, no matter how old he gets) has started catching up with me in age. Today he turned the age I turned just after he was born. (Didja catch all that?)

He has a lot of nicknames (some he likes, some he doesn't) but he'll always be "Bear" to me. (I'm allowed to call him that. Just not in public. Or around friends and/or girls. And his nieces are not allowed to call him that. But I do. I'm fearless that way. A blog doesn't count as "public" right? Don't answer that.)

Because I do not have a baby picture of him handy, I'll post this pic (and hope it doesn't get me in too much trouble):
This is Prince Charming and The Bear way back a long time ago.

Seems like just yesterday. (le sigh)

Anyway, never mind all that. Happy Birthday, Bear!


Karabeth said...

He's a handsome dude at any age. :)

Philip said...

I sure hope he gets roped into liking chess again some day . . . :(

karin said...

Loved the sight-seeing tour of London! You're a fun travel guide.

Vicky said...

Yep! Am lovin' the tour!
And, this post also must mean that you have a birthday coming up very soon!

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