Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Most Recent Pictures of the Girls

We took these last week in an attempt to get something we could use for Mother's Day. We tried several different arrangements but it was hard work getting three girls to look one direction and smile.
We almost used this one:
But we settled for this one (Tigger was, obviously, in a serene mood and never smiled a genuine smile):
"Two out of three isn't bad" is becoming our photographing motto. These are the best four out of the fifty that we took. Yes, 50, fifty.

And yes, we are aware that Sweet Pea's sandals are on the wrong feet. Consider it a fashion statement from Sweet Pea.


Jodi said...

lol sandals on the wrong feet seem to be a fad around here too! :) Cute pictures ... adorable Girls !!!!!

ginellebaskin said...

Such beautiful girls! How in the world did you get them to sit still thru 50 pictures??? Bribes must have been involved.

karin said...

They are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! I like the second one the best. :)


Amy said...

All cute pictures! I can imagine your pain. We only have 2 and we were bending over backwards with embarrassing antics recently trying to get TWO smiles in the same direction.
We were exhausted!

Amy said...

Ha! I know I JUST commented, but I remembered a funny story:
Easter last year we tried and TRIED to get a good family pic, but it was naptime and Alan was tired.

We got ONE decent picture of the boys and me, but in that one my husband happened to have his eyes closed, so... I photoshopped him out and put in a good one of him from one of the 50 other pictures we took that afternoon.

True story. And that picture even ended up in a local paper for a fundraiser for Alan!

Moral of the story: you can always cheat!

sarah in the woods said...

He He! It's even harder with 4! The last picture is a keeper.

Jessica said...

Love it Love it! Too funny! HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated by the way! Hope you had a great day!!!!!

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