Friday, May 22, 2009

Awesome Anniversary Trip - Part 7

Last installment here, if you need to catch up.

We were waiting just outside the gates of Buckingham Palace for the real guards (found out later that we were waiting on the Coldstream Guards). Eventually something began to happen. Unfortunately, I had no idea what because I am, ahem, like Zacchaeus in more than one way. (If you don't catch the reference you might want to go to Sunday School sometime.)

Prince Charming used the good old fashioned "hold the camera over your head and take a shot" technique. With mixed results: And he wasn't the only one trying to get a picture of something we couldn't see: But good things come to those who wait (and wait and wait...) This is one of my first glimpses of the guards:
Pretty impressive even when you're not sure what is going on! Getting there early had paid off. We couldn't have been closer to the guards unless we had been guards ourselves. They marched around a bit: And then there was some type of "meeting of the old guard leader and new guard leader" kind of thing: More marching in different formations was followed by the Coldstream Guards preparing to play us a tune (or two, or three, or more...):
They walked past us on their way to stand in front of the main gate: Where they set up and played several songs (And yes, I am usually pretty good at knowing songs by just a few snatches of melody and no, I have no idea what they played. They played several, none of which were known to me): After the Coldstream Guard played one song the bagpipers played a song. Then the Coldstream Guard band played again. Then the bagpipers. (You get the idea) The Coldstreamers played a third time and I waited for the bagpipes but they didn't play again. So then there was more marching and the bands began to march out of the palace grounds: Followed by the guards that had been there first: But it wasn't over yet...


Karabeth said...

I have just one question concerning the whole "guard" thing. Do they actually "guard?" As in, if someone were to crash the gates would they have the ability to actually stop the intruder short of bashing him over the head with a musical instrument? As you can see, I'm not up on the whole English guard duty thing, except of course, that I think it is very impressive and am happy you got to see it.

karin said...

Thanks for sharing this! When we were there and stood at the gates they were not doing their thing. It's nice to get to see it through your eyes.

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