Monday, May 11, 2009

Awesome Anniversary Trip - Part 6

Thursday evening we rode the train back from Bath to London. We couldn't really decide what we wanted to eat and we wandered around a bit before deciding. We ended up in the Piccadilly area (can you say, "Tourist Trap"?) There were a lot of people around, even more than we were used to seeing. We found out later that Miley Cyrus had been in that area opening her new Hannah Montana movie.

Such a missed opportunity for us...not. Although it did explain why some people were carrying around life size cardboard cut outs of Miley Cyrus, a question we had been too hungry to ponder.
We ended up at a British pub. No, not for drinks. Most of the pubs we encountered had very nice dining rooms (usually upstairs). This meal is representative of several we had during our trip: Yum! Prince Charming still marvels at how good the peas were. He is not normally a happy eater of peas but they were really good in the UK.
Yes, he liked my meal more than his own, but they were both good.

So after another wonderful night's sleep we got up early (again) to go to Buckingham Palace (again). We got there plenty early so we posed for a few pictures:
And explored the monument to Queen Victoria a bit more (and took another picture of both of us):

At this point we thought we'd better stake out a spot right in front of the bars, which we did. It was a good thing we did because it started getting crowded very quickly:
Now, standing as close as we could to Buckingham Palace, without being inside the gates, we...waited.

Prince Charming amused himself by taking many pictures of what was going on inside the gates (not much): After a long wait some mounted guards rode by but I (being the vertically challenged person that I am) couldn't see them very well.
Awhile after that, F Company Scots Guards (matching the guards already on duty)and their bag-pipers (band? detachment? I have no clue) marched in: We could hear the bagpipes well before we could see anyone. Actually, I heard them before Prince Charming. I felt kind of stupid telling him, "I think I hear bagpipes" but, then again, we were in Great Britain. Stranger things have happened. After they arrived, the company marched around, as the bagpipes played.
At this point Prince Charming and I were pressed against the bars by other foreign tourists. One girl rested her arm on Prince Charming's shoulder, occasionally knocking off his sunglasses. I can't even describe to you how close her boyfriend was to me. "Most uncomfortable" is all I'll say about that.

And the Coldstream Guards hadn't appeared yet...

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