Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awesome Anniversary Trip - Part 5

After leaving the Roman Baths and Pump Room we walked toward the Assembly Rooms, (admittance was included in our tickets we had already purchased at the baths). Along the way (yes, once again, it was a bit of a hike) we walked along what I can only describe as "Jane Austen's Bath". Which sounds kind of misleading, now that I think about it. But it is what ran through my mind that day. If I just closed my eyes a little bit I could imagine Anne Elliot dashing in here:
The streets were amazing, the store fronts were beautiful; I'll admit I was smitten. Wouldn't it be nice to walk along these streets every day?
Anyway, we soon made it to the Assembly Rooms. Which, unfortunately, I did not get to see (although I caught a glimpse of the ball room). Whither my misfortune? Antiques Roadshow was filming in the ball room. And if there's one thing Britons have in abundance, it is antiques! Here's part of the line:
It twisted around the block! However, we weren't actually in that line. Our tickets were for the Fashion Museum in the Assembly Room basement. So we got to walk right past all those Roadshow groupies.

The museum itself was...nice. There is no way anyone would actually pay to go through it on its own, in my humble opinion. (Hence the bundling of the Bath & Fashion museum tickets.)The best part:
Yes, I tried on a hoop skirt. That sucker was heavy. And, because I know you are wondering, yes, they did have corsets to try on with it and no, I did not feel like donning that particular torture device "unmentionable".
I twirled around. I sat, allowing my hoop to flip up a little (a la young Shirley Temple in "The Little Rebel"), it was fun. I immediately thought how much my girls would enjoy a dress up museum. I took off the hoop skirt, walked around the corner and saw these:
Those are the period dress up clothes for children and I had no children with me. (Sob) I had Prince Charming take a picture so we could show the girls all the pretty dresses. He obliged in the picture but then he quickly pulled me along before I had a chance to make a scene over my little girls who seemed very, very far away at that moment.

The museum didn't hold our attention very long and we were back outside in the sunshine. (Have I mentioned it was sunny and reasonably warm every day we were in England?)

We reached The Circus:
No, you will not find animals, clowns, and popcorn at this Circus. It's actually the name of a famous group of buildings. (If you watch the latest Persuasion adaptation -yuck! - you will see these buildings) We had a wonderful time walking around this area of Bath and taking pictures.

From across the green: We saw a few more monuments and interesting buildings. Then we found the Jane Austen museum in Bath and, much as it pains me to say, save yourself the trouble and money and just skip it. The gift shop is interesting, but I didn't actually buy anything there. (I had bought a small "Bath in Jane Austen's Time" map at the Fashion Museum) They seemed to specialize in things with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy pictures on them, if you're into that kind of thing.

At this point Prince Charming decided he really must have an ice cream cone. Everyone else walking around had an ice cream cone and so must we. So we went into a lovely little sweet shop. At this point you should know two important facts about our anniversary trip:

1. Prince Charming was always hungry and I usually was not.
2. Whatever we ordered, mine was always better and he wished he would've ordered it.

Our ice cream excursion was no different. One of us ordered Raspberry White Chocolate and one of us ordered Pomegranate Sorbet. Think you can guess which one of us was happier?

Ice cream finished, having walked past the baths and the abbey again, it was time to head back to London. So we said farewell to Bath and waited at this train station for the next train to London: Naturally, our day wasn't quite finished.


Shannon said...

What a wonderful anniversary trip! Reading your posts brought back sweet memories - my husband and I went to England for our anniversary several years ago too.
We did London, Bath, and some other areas. It was so neat to be standing in the midst of something the Romans built!
We love England. :)
Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

I'm usually the one wishing I had ordered what the other person got. So ..... was the owner of the raspberry white chocolate happier??

I can't imagine how much you missed your girls when you were standing in front of those dress-up clothes. That would have really gotten to me!

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