Friday, May 1, 2009

Awesome Anniversary Trip - Part 2

Now remember, this is still our very first day in London. And we are still at the British Museum. Where we saw things like this: And this:
Here I am marveling at how large these Egyptian things are:
I can't remember which Pharaoh these were supposed to be but I'm going to guess Ramses the Great. (It's a pretty fair guess. I find nearly everything is about Ramses the Great, don't you?)
We didn't spend the entire afternoon in the Egyptian rooms (although we could have!). We also saw things like this:
That adorable fella is Assyrian. And we also ventured further afield into the Aztec and (inexplicably) the Japanese exhibits. The Japanese exhibit is at the top of the building. And did we take the lift? Oh, no. We walked flight after flight of stairs. I was led by Prince Charming who thought it would be a quick walk.

Yeah, not so much. Once there I sat on a bench while he saw what he wanted to see. Then we went back downstairs where we fortified ourselves with some really odd coffee. I wouldn't say it was bad but neither was it what we are used to.

And then it was time to go. Here I am acting like the goofy tourist I truly am:
We never actually used these things to make a telephone call, which I think is a shame. Still, they're pretty (outside. Inside is another thing altogether) and ubiquitous and how could I not go in at least one?

At this point we were strengthened (a bit) by the coffee but we decided we were pretty much done walking. So we got on one of these:

This is the lazy tourist's way to see London. Use your handy dandy Oyster card (which works on buses or the tube) and ride wherever you want to go. Sit on top to see the best sights. Voila! Great view, you can get off whenever you want and you don't have to listen to a flat voiced tour guide.

From our bus we saw things like this:

And city views like this:

And, oh yeah, a protest gathering like this:

Those are Tamils protesting the situation in Sri Lanka. Neither Prince Charming nor I had any idea what it was all about. After seeing this rally we did a little (Google) research and, I have to say, I still have no idea what to think. The protest was even bigger the next day, with policemen completely surrounding them (at a respectful distance, of course).

Anyway, it had been a full day. Then we inadvertently got off at the wrong bus stop. So we walked to the tube and rode it back toward our hotel. Then we walked around trying to decide what to eat.

We eventually found a little Italian place (near our hotel) where the food was adequate but nothing more and where I accidentally left my bag of 15 postcards we had purchased earlier (10p each or 15 for £1).

Only after all that did we return to our hotel and (finally!) go to bed. It was about 8:30 pm local time.

But that wasn't the end of that day...


livingonthecreek said...

Sounds like you two had a great anniversary trip. We went to the Smokies for our 10th. Nothing like England. Everything we saw we thought how much the kids would love to see it or do it. Kind of put a damper on things. I missed them terribly. The most exciting thing was the bubble bath soap I put in the jacuzzi. Did you hear on the news in September of 1992 about all the bubbles in Pigeon Forge? (jk) It was bad though. We stood in bubbles up to our knees the next day trying to shower before we left. They would not go away. Makes for funny memories.
Glad you all had a good trip.

Amy said...

Did you go back and get your postcards!?!?

MacKenzie said...

One of the first things I did on my honeymoon in England was to force Craig into one of those phonebooths for some pictures.

Calina said...

What a great time. I'll bet you came home ready for your daily adventures again!

The pictures are awesome. I'll bet that protest was scary!

Greyson said...

Glad you guys had a great trip!

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