Thursday, April 16, 2009

A News Update

1. The much prayed for baby (also known as Donna's grand-baby), is...well, just go to her blog and read it!

2. Today is Darling Nephew Baby Shower Day. And my project is almost finished. I'm pleased with how it has turned out. Prince Charming and I have worked hard and I hope Princess likes the results. Can't be more specific.

3. Today is also important because it is my Aunt C's birthday. Happy Birthday! (And I'll see you tonight)

4. Trip plans continue apace. The missionary to Scotland Prince Charming contacted a long time ago has finally written back. So we'll get to visit that church during our travels.

5. My Mom and I are going to spend one day at the Midwest Homeschooling Convention. Neither of us thought we'd be able to go but it turns out we can both spare one day. We'll get to meet some blog friends and hear some great seminars.

Now, I have to squeeze in school with Polly before I run off on Darling Nephew Baby Shower business. Should be an exciting couple of days, to say the least. And then we have our Big Anniversary Trip. When did my life get so busy?

Probably while I was busy blogging. (Oh, the irony...)

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Anonymous said...

What a great shower! Thanks again for all the work. Had a really good time. Love, Aunt C

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