Saturday, April 18, 2009

Karen's Rules of Civility...

Upon Meeting Other Bloggers for the First Time:

1. Play it cool. (If you can). Also be aware that not every one is a Hugger. If you are a Hugger, approach with caution. Non-Huggers like a leetle bit of personal space. Watch out for closetalking tendencies as well.

2. Do not express strong negative opinions on people, places, things, or ideas. (Oh, wait, that's the definition of a noun, what do you know?!) You think your strongly expressed emotion is perfectly valid but hey, guess what? Not everyone shares your opinion. Political views are particularly treacherous but are by no means the only controversy you may stir up. If all we bloggers agreed 100% then all but one of our blogs are unnecessary. We don't always agree, even if we have several points in common. And that place you're insulting may be our favorite place on Earth. Or maybe our husbands or best friends work there. The point is, you don't know. I'm just sayin'.

When attending a large convention, you may want to be aware that some of the people you meet live nearby. They want you to enjoy your stay. They do not want to hear their city (beloved or otherwise) put down. They may have their own concerns about how it looks, how accessible it is, what type of amenities are available, etc. but rest assured they will feel defensive to hear anyone else talk about the city's (or the venue's) deficiencies. Everyone comes from somewhere. Now is not the time for jokes about the South (or any other region), cities vs. country living, or Red State / Blue State.

3. Do not say, "I've never heard of you." Chances are, we've never heard of you either. We know we are not celebrities and that our fifteen minutes of fame haven't come up yet. We're just happy little bloggers. For the same reason, try not to talk about how sad you were when you dropped from 1,000 to 950 readers. We don't particularly want to hear it. We may have just celebrated getting 10 of our closest friends and relations to follow our blog and actually comment sometimes.

If you haven't followed the above guidelines, we aren't going to want to share the love and link to you. We may not even visit your blog. You probably don't need us to anyway, but it does seem like this type of thing can be easily and happily avoided.

There. As Lulu says, "I've counted to ten and said my piece." Which is pretty much what I do (except for the counting to 10 part) every day on this blog, come to think of it.


Kelly said...

Who did you meet yesterday?! Is there a good story behind this? I'm always up for a good story. :)

Vicky said...

Karen, I LOVED this! Something I need to remember about myself, btw! 10 followers????!!!! I'm happy just to have you, your mom, and my daughter!
Hugs to you!
Keep up the good blogging, btw!

Darcy @ lwm3b said...

I have enjoyed your town and thought this city was a gracious host to varied and wildly-diverse group of people.

I will keep your rules in mind. No hugging. Got it. Sorry to have invaded your personal space. On the flip side - huggers want those around them to know they care.

Some of my favorite bloggers have quiet little spaces. Finding them often feels like finding the best diner in town - the place off the beaten path that was just the gem you were looking for.

You guys were so busy and swamped with time, thank you for chatting with me. Feeling badly that it turned out to be an annoying experience for you. I think everyone is a little out of their element in such a setting... just trying to do the best they can when attempting to be friendly with new faces.

Renae said...

Hmm...interesting. I've never thought about this. I meet one blogger before I started exposing my soul on the internet. I'm very shy in a crowd, but I finally introduced myself and mentioned that I read her blog. We became fast friends!

And there are bloggers that I have yet to meet that I feel so close too. I think I'd hug them whether they like it or not. ;)

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