Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Will Not Do

A few days ago I posted a picture of my April to-be read stack (so far). Well, I have been sadly disappointed by some things in that stack and I must vent warn you. I have posted the picture again, this time with some alterations: You see that lovely blue book with the oh so innocuous looking cover? Yes, the one I have circled in red and drawn a clumsily pointing red arrow. That one.

That book, you may be able to see, bills itself as "A Modern Love Story, Pride and Prejudice Style". Which is as bald faced a lie as I have seen in print recently. This book is nothing more than a two-bit romance novel that references the immortal Austen characters and plot occasionally.

I have no doubt that the author was unable to sell her work without leeching off the divine Miss Austen. It's that bad, folks.

The tension of the original? Replaced with casual s**.
The strong writing of the original? Replaced with sloppy POV and dull characters.
The class differences of the original? Replaced with evil (of course) Republicans and noble (naturally) Democrats who believe in "science" and saving the world. The Republicans (again, naturally) do not believe in science. And they don't fund scientific research because they are (and I quote) "too busy funding their little wars", when they're not busy trying to blackmail innocent people. (Query: if one is truly innocent, how can one be blackmailed?)

I read most, skimmed the rest and wanted to tear out my hair the entire time. I can only imagine what Jane Austen would think if she were unfortunate enough to be alive when this dreck was written.

I imagine punitive damages involving massive amounts of cash would be involved.


Amy said...

How disappointing! And irritating! Thanks for the warning... I'll be sure to avoid that one! :)

Jessica said...

Man I have missed reading your blog. I keep starting into one post then I get to something I don't understand because it relates to something in another post so I scroll down...and on and on. I have no idea how into the "older posts" I am at this point but I've still got a ways to go. My prince charming is going on midnights soon so I will have some time on my hands. I think I'm going to delve deep into the archives and catch up.

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