Saturday, April 11, 2009

In Which I Attempt to Explain My Absence

I don't know if you've noticed (hint, hint) but this is only my sixth post of April. Usually I post nearly every day.

Obviously, that isn't happening this month.

At this rate we'll never get to my long anticipated giveaway. (You are anticipating it, right? I am. If only to get these things out of my bedroom where I must continually rescue them from Sweet Pea's curiosity.)

I just haven't been feeling very "bloggy" lately. Yeah, I just made that word up. My life doesn't feel bloggable (yet another made up word). Or I'm self-censoring because it would be better to not say what's on my mind. (Which is the prompt question on Facebook these days. "What's on your mind?"Like I could just spell it all out in three lines - all 73,461 things I'm thinking about all the time.)

On the other hand, whatever this mood I'm in is, it's been great for working on my story. Prince Charming is worried that my characters may be suffering horrible hardships or even death due to the vindictive way I've been typing this week. (I prefer to think of my typing style as emphatic.)

Never fear. Only the ones that are supposed to die will, and I'm not to that part anyway. Yet. (Insert evil-maniacal laughter here. Or not.)


Anonymous said...

I AM anticipating your giveaway now because I just learned that winning the SCOTUS quiz (see Doses of Reality) DID NOT EARN ME A PRIZE.

Pastor Dad

Kelly said...

I've missed your blogging. :)

I always hate the suspense that comes when your Twitter doesn't get a post to go along with it. Like the righteous indignation one- what was that about?!

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