Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheerio and Tally-ho!

Someone once said, "O to be in England, Now that April's there..."

(OK, it was Robert Browning. Read the poem here)

Prince Charming and I have taken those words to heart and are off to England today. Pictures, stories, harrowing escapes, delightful escapades, etc. to occur and be blogged about soon.


Amy said...

Wow & wow! Have a great time!!! :)

ginellebaskin said...

That's so exciting! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Vicky said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Jodi said...

Have a WONDERFUL time !!!!!!!!!!!! And please post pictures !!!!! :)

sarah in the woods said...

Well, doesn't that sound delightful! Can't wait to hear all about it.

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