Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Chocolate Are You?

Dark Chocolate Lover
The dark chocolate lover may be as complex as her tastes. A connoisseur of all things fine, you care deeply about quality, including quality of life. You take the time to become educated about the things you care about and the world around you, and you value your ability to make choices. You are health conscious and environmentally conscious, choosing dark chocolate for its rich, satisfying flavor and its heart-healthy content.
To take the quiz, go here.

Thanks for the link, Morgan!

As for its accuracy: I love dark chocolate, I do care deeply about quality of life, and of course I value my ability to make choices. But I am neither health nor environment conscious, as such. If I were health conscious would I eat as much chocolate as I do? I don't think so. (Although they do say dark chocolate is good for you, right?)

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