Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Question

Why is that any time I plan to get a lot done, things that must be done, things that ought to be done, things that would be lovely to actually, you know, finish, things that I would just like to do...

Why is it that any time I plan a week where I will do all of the above, I get sick?

But this time it is not just any sick. This is staying in bed, no voice, yucky sinus-y drainage, your head is going to pound so hard you see stars sick.

I feel slightly better today. I'm judging this by the fact that I am out of bed and sitting at the computer. And that I don't have a pile of tissues right by my elbow. OK, I know, TMI.

Maybe I better head back to bed. But the sun is shining, I've already got dinner in the crock pot, we finished all necessary school work, I'd almost rather not go back to bed now. Most of the important stuff I've managed to do on half strength, so what else can I do on the other half - I guess we'll find out.


Amy said...

Wow - if you've got the crock pot going and did school it sounds like you've done amazing for being sick!

At least it isn't the "throw-ups", right?

Karabeth said...

Sounds like you got more accomplished while you were sick than I did all day yesterday and I had no such excuse.

Hope you feel better. And I hope the ears stay unaffected.

(My word is "whoism." Does this have anything to do with Seuss?)

Amy said...

I'm sorry to here that you're sick but that yucky stuff is definitely going around Randy and I both had it two weeks ago. The best thing Randy took for it was alka seltser cold and cough so I would try that if you still feel yucky. Unfortunately I took nothing because I couldn't but it's fine I'm over it now yay! Hope you get to feeling better!

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