Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One Reason I Love Children's Ministry

This discussion took place between two of our regular Wednesday night program attendees:

Boy #1: Is she going to play the piano?
Girl #1: Mrs. [Charming] is really good at the piano
Boy #1: Really?

*Random bits of piano playing by me*

Girl #1: See? She should be like, on American Idol or something. But, like, for the piano!
Boy #1: Yeah!

It just warmed my heart, I tell you. I suspect it may be the highest musical complement this child can give.


Kelly said...

You have fourteen followers!!! I can finally relax again. :)

Karabeth said...

That kid knows talent when he hears it! :)

Amy said...

Ha! I want to be in children's ministry too!! Me too!

That is great, lol!

Kelly said...

I just thought I'd also point out that the children never compliment my piano playing. If they love you so much I think you had better take your Children's Church spot back. ;)

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