Monday, March 9, 2009

Nothing to Say so How 'Bout I Distract You?

Another glorious day! Not quite as warm, but the sun is shining. (Makes me want to say "hooray" but then my blog post would be rhyming and I don't want to keep it up.)

I seem to be experiencing blog block: a struggle to get out words that go together in an interesting way. (And please don't tell me you think I've always had trouble with that.) So, unless I come up with something later, I will tell you that I'm working on my very first giveaway.

That's right. I will be having my first blog related giveaway soon. There are two possibilities for when this is going to happen:

1. When I hit 500 posts. Which makes me hope I come up with something to say soon, 'cause I'm only at 451 right now.

2. When I have my "Blogger" anniversary. I started blogging on another site before I blogged here but I'm counting my first Blogger post as my anniversary.

Now, before you get all excited, I have to say that I will not be giving away an IPOD, a flat screen TV, or anything remotely valuable. (Did I just stick a pin in your "giveaway hopes" balloon?) It's all stuff that I would like. So, if no one enters, I can just keep it for myself.

Just kidding. I wouldn't actually do that. I'm not that selfish.

Stay tuned!


Kelly said...

I say you wait until your five hundredth (fifth hundred?) post, but that's just me.

MacKenzie said...

Oh those blog blocks, they happened to everyone.

Amy said...

Oooh... a giveaway! Is it homeschool related?

I am just a few posts away from 400, but can't decided on anything special to do to celebrate.

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