Friday, March 20, 2009

More About Commonplace Books

I got a few questions about my commonplace book. I've saved the Wikipedia link in my Delicious finds (you can find those over on my right sidebar) but, knowing the skepticism some have for the wondrous Wiki (cough Kelly cough), I've also found a few other links that explain the concept and have pictures of famous books.

Notes About Commonplace Books


The Lyceum

As for my book: it is very low tech. No tabs, no dividers. I didn't actually know about other commonplace books when I started mine. I just started it and then later I found out about the rich history and thought, "Oh, so that's what my book is!"

At the front I started keeping a list of all the books I finished (that's an important distinction for me: whether I finished it or not) and at the back I started a list of quotes that caught my eye. So eventually (soon!) those categories will meet in the middle and then this particular book will be finished.

There are also a few other things scattered around. Like a list of my favorite songs, some prayer requests, a few lists of things I'm thankful for, and basically anything I want to be reminded of later. And yes, I have torn out at least one page when I looked back through the book and thought, "There is no way I want to read that ever again." That doesn't happen often, though.

You could make a book like this on a grand scale or you could use a tiny little steno pad. You get to decide. Just like you get to decide what quotes make the cut. I've got political, spiritual, artistic, literary, humorous, inspirational...well, you get the idea.

It's kind of like a blog, now that I think about it. Only now I have the high tech blog (here, which you all so kindly read) and the low tech (my notebook, which not even Prince Charming dares open). It's also like a scrapbook, but I spend more time on those and include pictures. This has (gasp!) no pictures at all. Only scraps of words that I found meaningful.

Maybe next I'll show you my Favorite Things Book. It's similar to a commonplace book but it's actually completely different. And yes, I do have notebooks for my notebooks around here. It's an obsession. And I fully admit to having little scraps of paper everywhere too. I'll finish this post with another quote from the book:

I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die. -Isaac Asimov
Yes! That's it exactly. See how useful the book is?


Vicky said...

OK, that about does it for me! I've got to do it! Thanks, Karen, for your further comments on the commonplace book!

I just finished reading ALL of your sidebar stuff under "Of Potential Interest" and loved it!

And, I've made up my mind that I'm going to honor your blog with an award that I received. I've got to get it posted on my blog, so come and see me and pick it up, OK?

I REALLY, REALLY enjoy reading your blog!

Blessings to you and your family! I'm sorry we weren't able to be around your family more!

Renae said...

A friend introduced me to commonplace books about a year ago. I have always kept a journal, but now it includes more random stuff. Much more like a commonplace book.

And have you ever thought of covering composition books? I haven't done it for myself recently, but my son just did one with a Star Wars theme. They are a great size and you can glue all kinds of stuff in them.

Here's a couple links you might enjoy: Tutorial on Visual Homemaking Journal

Altered Composition Note Books

Vicky said...

Very cool, Renae! Thanks for the extra tidbits!

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