Monday, March 30, 2009

In Which I Make Library Related Observations

My friend Kelly blogged about her library experience today. In a completely unrelated event, my family also went to our library today. Here are my observations:

1. Librarians are a lot more fun than when I was a kid. Evidence: two librarians, preparing to remove some lists of holds, had Polly tell them, "Ready, set, go" so they could race each other. And no, these were not student aides. These were actual grown-up women librarians. And they weren't being obnoxious or noisy. They were just talking with a little girl and making finding books look like tons of fun. Back when I was a girl (do you hear me, Pastor Dad? I can't believe I'm saying it!) I was actually afraid of the librarians. Especially the children's librarian. Severe doesn't even come close to describing her.

2. Libraries are much noisier now. See point #1 for further evidence. Here's where the libraries lost the battle: cell phones. Everyone has their cell phone on. So I heard at least 5 different, equally annoying ring tones, whilst choosing my books today. And I heard one very animated, very LOUD conversation between some hapless guy and his lawyer over alimony, child visitation rights, and the like. He was sitting at one of the computers, surfing the 'net, and making full use of the wonder that is modern communication technology. Do you want to know the icky details of his divorce and his "ex"? Well, neither did I, but I know 'em now.

3. Libraries have much better movies now. Evidence: shelves and shelves of DVDs. New stuff, T.V. series, children's, documentaries...When I was young they had a few really old movies and some foreign stuff. Which, yes, I watched because it was there. Now we get a lot more choices. Which can be good or bad, but I'm putting it in the "mostly good" category.

4. Libraries are more fun. Yes, I know this is a repeat of #1. But hear me out: our library has toys. Real toys: puzzles, blocks, stuffed animals. You can't check them out but the kids do enjoy them while we're there.

5. The Library computers can't compete with our own. This one is personal, I know, but our library computers seem soooo slow compared to ours. Plus none of the mouses (mice? Computer Mouses? What is the plural of computer mouse?!) have that little wheel in the middle for easy scrolling. I hate having to click on stuff and use down arrows. That's just how lazy I am, I suppose. I'm not proud of it, but there it is. A little bit of Candid Honesty for you.

Today Prince Charming and the girls walked out before me. (I was still checking out my things.) This allowed us all a little moment of levity when I ran out and said, "Hey! Are you trying to leave me here?" We all laughed and then I had to admit I wouldn't exactly be sad if that happened. The girls got a kick out of the idea of their mom hiding in the library so I could just live there.

Don't tempt me, folks. Don't tempt me.


Kelly said...

I spent almost two and a half hours in the library this evening. When I got home and realized that everyone was busy with their own things I considered going back, but was pretty sure the librarians were going to start asking me to free up the couch for other library goers. :)

Karabeth said...

The librarians of your childhood were scary. Yes, especially the children's librarian. Never quite understood that.

Librarians today are nicer. I think it has something to do with the fact that they are nicer to people like us who actually check out books. Others seem to use the space for childcare. I know of what I speak. I was in "your" library last week doing genealogy research for a patron. Many, many people (mostly kids) just hanging out.

Anonymous said...

"Back when I was a boy" our library was a bookmobile which came around once a month only during the school year and could handle four(4) children at one time in 15 minutes shifts ... and then we would read till nightfall by the fireplace to save candles... no wait that last part was Abe Lincoln's boyhood ... but I digress.

I love books.

Pastor Dad

Amy said...

I've noticed libraries aren't anything like the stereotypes you see on tv.... stern woman with reading glasses and a bun, frowning and shushing. Our library is fun! Of course, going to our library also means a trip to see "Mimi" for our boys, so that just adds to the fun of it all. We are so spoiled. ;)

P.S.Would you mind emailing me? I have a blog question to ask you. bzcookie AT yahoo DOT com

MacKenzie said...

I do not like library cell phone talkers. I used to go to the library to relax and read magazines before picking out my new books for the week and nothing ruined that faster than an inconsiderate person having a 10 minute conversation on their phone.

Calina said...

You didn't mention all the cool programs the library has for kids, now. The summer reading program where the kids get prizes for reading and weekly entertainment. The rest of the year there is the family storytime (which includes story, songs, and crafts).

One of our local libraries even has a storytime that is just like preschool. For 3-5 year olds. The parents drop the kids off once a week for an hour or two and the kids learn how to socialize, share the puzzles and toys, learn the alphabet song, and they make crafts and do alot of cutting and gluing papers. If that's not enough, they send home a packet of papers you can work on the next week!

Two of my three daughters enjoyed this program.

Vicky said...

We used to spend HOURS in the library when the kids were young! We did not experience any scary librarians, fortunately!

I didn't comment on every single one, but I got caught up on reading your blog today! Enjoyed very much!

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