Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In My Non-Expert Opinion

I, an armchair psychologist from way back, have diagnosed my blog troubles. Are you ready for this groundbreaking revelation? Well, how 'bout you read it anyway?

Here's the trouble: I am not an expert in anything.

I know, it shocked me too. But, if you think about it, anything I am an expert in does not really qualify me to tell the rest of you what to do. (Not that I've ever let that stop me before...)

I love God. I love His Word. I love His church. I love the journey to know Him better and following Him. I love all the wonderful books written to help me along the way. I love the mysteries, the conundrums and the things I can't even begin to explain.

But it doesn't make me an expert on Christian Living or Theology.

I am an expert on Prince Charming. No one knows him better than I do. No one can read his face like I do. No one can annoy him like I do (on purpose). No one listens to him better than I do. No one prays for him as earnestly or specifically as I do.

But that doesn't make me an expert on marriage.

I am an expert in Polly, Tigger and Sweet Pea. No one knows them like I do. No one has known them longer than I have. No one has loved them harder or longer. No one remembers all the quirks (oh, the many quirks!) each child has: what they like to eat, listen to, read, play, talk about, do, dream, think.

But that doesn't make me an expert on parenting.

I read a lot. I know, if I do say so myself, a lot. But none of it is widely applicable. However, if I'm ever around and someone suggests we play Trivial Pursuit, you might want to insist that I be on your team. I'm just sayin'.

Maybe I should have been more specialized when I started this blog: a blog about homeschooling, a blog about parenting, a blog about books, a blog about organizing, a blog about seeking God's will, a blog about politics (oh, wait, Prince Charming did rope me into that).

Instead you'll be getting a hodgepodge of all of the above. Lots of minutia. Probably some "majoring on the minors". And I will, most likely, be offering my unsolicited advice on any number of topics, even though I am not An Expert with a capital E. Amy of Untangling Tales calls this "Advice from the Unqualified".

(Note to mothers on a little topic that's bugging me: Stop feeding your child whatever they want, whenever they want. Make a meal, offer it, put it away. No short order cooking. No catering to the whims of a doggone TWO YEAR OLD. Be the Mom. BE the Mom.)

Well, that felt good. What can I diagnose next?


Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

I mentioned something like this in my post about "Advice from the Unqualified." I offer so many RAFTS I sometimes embarrass myself (RAFTS is my new acronym for "Random advice from a total stranger. Cute, huh?)

But you bring up an interesting point about being an expert. In the Christian world at least, isn't our effectiveness supposed to be judged by our fruit rather than our (say) education? If we have peace in our homes and see progress in our children's (or our) lives, doesn't that qualify us on some level to speak with meaning?

Karabeth said...

Since when does anyone need to be an expert to have an opinion? If that's the necessary ingredient for blogging 99% of the blogs on the Internet will disappear. And if that were the standard 99% of the news would disappear, too. No, wait. That would be a good thing. :)

(Good advice at the end of the post. As for me? I just feed my kid all.day.long. Makes life simpler for both of us.

Calina said...

You don't need to be an expert! Just have an opinion. And voice it often, on every topic. You can because it's your blog, right!?! If people don't like it, they can go and read someone else's or write their own. LOL!

I agree with the feeding children, thing. I guess I'm not an expert at that, either, but can you please tell my husband that another person in this world feels that his precious daughter will not wither away from missing one meal and snack because she refuses to eat what's put before her!?!

Amy said...

This post describes my blog so well, lol. Except, of course, me being the expert on my own husband and children, not yours. :)

Diagnose on! I look forward to reading. :)

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