Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Important Day

I almost let a very important day slip by without acknowledgement (the fact that I have been all over a three state region in 24 hours may have something to do with that). No, I'm not talking about "Pi Day". I don't celebrate made up Math related holidays. No, 3.14 is important for another reason:

It's Grandpa's Birthday!

I've been crazy about this guy for longer than I can remember. (Probably about the time that I ran away from my Mom into his arms saying, "Gum-paw no spank." And yes, I was correct: he wouldn't have spanked me, and yes, I got the necessary spanking from my mom anyway. Too smart for my own good, that's always been my problem...)

Now one of my favorite things about him is how he patiently tries to rescue my yard from my double-black thumbs every year. How he tries to tell me - AGAIN - how to keep my poor plants alive. His hope springs eternal (as yet unfulfilled, I'm afraid. I'm not the sister who got the gardening gene). And I love how he would still be climbing up on my roof to clean out my gutters if I didn't threaten encourage Prince Charming to do that before Grandpa can get over here.

Grandpa, is, quite simply, one of my favorite people in the world to be around. He has always seemed younger than he is. (It must run in the family, if I do say so myself.)So I'm posting this picture of him:
Don't you just love the "Dennis the Menace" gleam in his eye? Yeah, he still has that.


Kelly said...

Today is also Albert Einstein's birthday.

The math geek inside of me shutting up now. ;)

And Pi Day is a real holiday. Then again, I consider any day that we eat apple pie instead of doing math a holiday. :)

Karabeth said...

Now all our bloggy friends know where we get that little Dennis the Menace type mischief that seems to be our trademark. :)

Vicky said...

I would say Dennis the Menace is a good description! But, how cute!

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