Thursday, March 12, 2009

And Furthermore

Back to my theme from a few days ago: I am not an expert. I know that. You know that.

But I think, just maybe, I want to be. I think I want to be one of those people the History Detectives from PBS call. You know the type, right?

"This woman has the largest collection of Presidential Silhouettes in the world."
"This man knows everything there is to know about postage stamps from the 18oo's."
"This woman is the world's foremost expert on plastic Easter Eggs."
"This man is the most respected authority on the socio-economic implications of the crash of the Hindenburg."

OK, I may have made those up. But you get the idea.

I've heard it said that one benefit of homeschooling is children can pursue their interests and often do choose to specialize in one area. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you're looking at it) I am interested in nearly everything. My homeschooling experience didn't narrow my focus, it paved a four lane super highway (with overpasses and underpasses and switchbacks) of interests instead.

Which means: Instead of knowing a lot about one thing, I know a little about a lot of things.

So I've diagnosed another part of the problem but I'm not going to change the behavior. (I would be a really horrible psychotherapist) I like knowing a little about a lot of things. I can wish I knew more about fewer subjects, but I wouldn't, ultimately, find much joy in living that way.

So I'm going to keep reading and learning about anything and everything that strikes my fancy. I'm going to keep my eyes open for things that interest me. I'm going to share those interests with my girls. I'm going to talk and maybe even argue (shocker!) about them. I'll probably follow a rabbit trail or two or twenty.

And I guess the History Detectives are never going to call.


Karabeth said...

As your homeschooling teacher all I can say is that this was about the best "thank you" you've ever said and this post wasn't even about me.

You hit the nail on the head in your first post on this subject when you said you're an expert on Prince Charming and your girls. That's all the expertise that's required. Everything else is just a hobby.

Love ya! And keep up the good work!

Amy said...

"I am interested in nearly everything."

Even though I wasn't homeschooled I think I can say the same thing. I wanted to major in everything in college! It is a good thing I didn't have to pick a career or anything. I think it sets me up to be a good homeschool mom... I am looking forward to teaching (and learning along) all subjects! :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are one of the foremost experts about knowing a little about a lot.

Pastor Dad

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