Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday School Lessons

Yesterday in Sunday School I had an "Ethan" moment. Ethan is a friend of our family (and the High Hill Family). He's around Polly's age. A few months ago his family visited our church and then went to the High Hill house for the afternoon. At which point Ethan had opportunity to opine, "What about that 'guests go first' rule?!"

Which has, as you can see, become legend in the High Hill / Charming families.

To set up my story you should know that the Sunday School class Prince Charming and I attend has breakfast together one Sunday a month. We take turns bringing it in and we eat during the lesson.

So yesterday was our teacher's turn to bring breakfast. Which he did: huge bagels from Panera, cream cheese, fresh fruit, juice & milk. It looked amazing. Several of our class members were not in class yet (including Prince Charming who had responsibilities elsewhere) but our teacher decided to go ahead and bless the food anyway. At this point there were three other grown men in the class and one other woman besides me.

As our teacher said, "Amen" (and I think the "n" sound had hardly left his lips) those three other men converged on that table like a pack of lions on a wildebeest. The other lady in class looked at me. I looked at her. We shook our heads slightly.

Once these men retreated to their seats she turned to me again. "All clear, you think?" She asked. We then approached the table, after ascertaining that the men were, in fact, seated and not planning on round two.

And this was my oh-so-Ethan-like thought: "Whatever happened to ladies first?"

We had a challenging Sunday School lesson yesterday from the book of John. But the bonus lesson I learned: never get between a man and his breakfast. Especially if bagels from Panera are involved.

I don't think it's going to be widely applicable but I'll never forget it.

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Kelly said...

You should've taken a donut from our class (Prince Charming almost did yesterday. Almost.). Nobody races to breakfast in there. We wait to be served. :)

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