Thursday, February 12, 2009

Small Successes Thursday

I haven't participated in many things like this lately (WFMW, Frugal Friday) but Small Successes Thursday looks nice and there aren't so many links you can't possible follow them all (my main problem with WFMW or Menu Plan Monday).

1. Did I mention I've been on a de-cluttering streak?

2. I gave three piano lessons this week: one boy from church, my brother, and Polly just started. Polly's my most enthusiastic student, naturally.

3. I finished two non-fiction books and one fiction and stopped reading one fiction book that was seriously not edifying. It's hard for me to stop reading a book that is entertaining but ultimately unwholesome, but I did it.

What successes have you had this week?

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Renae said...

This week just started, but last week I got all the junk out of the garage! Well, almost all the junk. I'm already adding more piles of stuff to get rid of.

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