Thursday, February 19, 2009

Schoolwork With Sweet Pea

One of my favorite questions about homeschooling (right after, "What about socialization?") is, "What do you do with your other children?"

My initial response to this is, "Do? I'm supposed to do something with them too?" Don't worry. I hardly ever say that. I'm usually more polite than that in person.

My younger girls are usually kept busy by "doing" school with us. They listen to the same books, they color while we write, they watch our projects (and sometimes help) and sometimes they do their own thing (puzzles, dolls, or any of the other 54,731 toys we own).

However, sometimes they don't want to do the above activities and then I have to go to Plan B. Which, in our case, involves some new activity, usually Montessori inspired. Here's what I came up with last week:

This is Sweet Pea earnestly dropping toothpicks into an old spice container. (My apologies for the picture quality. I've promised myself a new camera someday soon!)
She was fascinated and wanted to do it over and over. Which was fine by me, as it kept her busy and let Polly finish her Math in peace.
Cost: nothing!

Benefit: priceless.

Here are a few of the blogs that have inspired me to get together some learning activities for Sweet Pea:

Chasing Cheerios

The Wonder Years

So, what are favorite ways to keep the younger set busy?

And don't forget to check out more great frugal ideas over at Biblical Womanhood.


Karabeth said...


Oh, wait! You meant people whose "younger set" are younger than the Bear. Sorry. :)

Kelly said...

This is like the homemade version of the block game in the nursery that Sweet Pea loves so much, except I suppose she isn't trying to shove any square toothpicks down the triangle toothpick hole with this one. ;)

Amy said...

I had an empty cinnamon spice jar I knew I was saving for some good reason... I just gave it to Alan with toothpicks and he loved it! Thanks for the idea and the new link. I love Chasing Cheerios, so I'm looking forward to checking out The Wonder Years. :)

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