Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Inspiration

Simple Mom is one of the "new to me" blogs that I'm using to replace my magazine hankerings. The site looks fresh and modern, is easy to navigate, and has lots of great content even if you are not a mom.

As for the home front update:

- Our new refrigerator has been installed
- It is generally considered a reliable brand
- It was a decent price
- It had "free" delivery and removal of the old fridge
- I say "free" because really it involved a complicated rebate process
- Which Prince Charming has completed (Bless him!)
- The Store from which we purchased the fridge is also giving us a gift card
- Because there is a small dent near the bottom of the door
- It was a gift card or they would completely replace the appliance
- Which seemed rather silly
- Considering we need a refrigerator now
- And what if there was a dent on the new new one?
- So we are still recovering from this week
- And the children are still coughing
- My ear problems are not wax related, thank you, Stephen
- They are genetic
- I need to stop now before I reveal any more embarrassing information
- Such as my weight or age
- Almost 28
- Oops.
- Quitting now.

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Karabeth said...

All this great fun this week and I missed it? What was I thinkin'?

(My Word Verification was "cantrums" which is mighty close to tantrums. How appropriate.) :)

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