Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Pox, A Plague, A Pestilence

*Obligatory warning: this post contains information pertaining to sickness, illness, and bodily fluids. Those weak of stomach or faint of heart may want to just move along to another post.*

So, just as we finished celebrating Sweet Pea week we were all struck with the worst colds / flu / sinus infections we've had all winter. No, we haven't gone to the doctor...yet. And we all seem to be improving a bit, albeit very slowly.

Monday we - gasp - did no school at all. I know. Actually only a couple of us even got dressed and we spent the entire day sleeping in the oddest places. (For instance: Tigger came into my bed to snuggle with me and the next thing I know I'm waking up with her asleep beside me, Prince Charming asleep on the couch, and both the other girls asleep in their room. And it wasn't nap time.)

Tuesday we managed to do a few school assignments, mostly things that can be done while piled on mom's bed because it is, and I quote, "More comfy".

At this point I should mention that one of the common side effects of my head colds is a completely blocked left ear. It is rather serious, which I have seen doctors for multiple times but we've never decided on a course of action (choosing, by default, to do nothing and just see what happens). As a result of this, if I fall asleep on my right side I am very nearly totally deaf.

Which can have its advantages. Case in point: last night Tigger woke up. She must have called for us but no one heard her. So she came to our room. I woke up when Prince Charming got out of bed but, as he seemed to be handling it, I didn't get up. (I'll take my Bad Mother award now). She reported that she had thrown up.

A few minutes passed. I was in that half-asleep / half-awake, not quite sure what's going on stage. Somehow my innate "Mom-ness" triumphed over my cold medicine induced foggy brain. I stumbled toward the bathroom. To find - last warning for all the wobbly sorts out there - my husband holding a tissue to Tigger's nose as it bled and bled and bled everywhere.

I am not kidding, it was a horrible sight. Blood streamed from both nostrils. It was on her pajamas, on the floor, all over her face and hands. I grabbed a cloth and pinched her nose. Then I almost fell on the floor. "I can't do this", I believe were my exact words, but I can't be sure. (I'm really ready for my Bad Mother award now) Prince Charming took over pinching the child's nose and I laid down, trying to keep from being sick. (I am one of those "weak of stomach" types, at least where blood and my children are concerned)

So he got the bleeding stopped and the children settled back down. And I got my stomach settled and went back to sleep for a little while. Only to be confronted, once I was awake for the day, with bloody sheets, pillows, cloths, and floor. Which I cleaned up as quickly as possible and without any sort of stomach rebellion.

So, in keeping with our light schedule, we again did as much school as possible from my bedroom. One of our assignments was history. As I read, both yesterday and today, Polly gave me several worried looks, apprehension evident. And what might we be studying in history?

The Black Death.

Seems appropriate to me.


Anonymous said...

Be sure to consult with Prince Charming about the historical price waves vis-a-vis such events as the Black Death. Fascinating.

Pastor Dad

Amy said...

I understand what you're going through something has to be going around because randy is sick as well as myself. I hate this cold yucky cough stuff that seems to float around ohio at this day and time. I think it would be a good time to ban it, how about you?

Amy said...

Ha! Loved the punch line! But sorry you are all sick!

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