Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In Which I Grumble

My favorite store is closing all stores in our area. Yesterday I went there but it's already looking pretty bare and the real bargain prices haven't been posted yet. Where will I do my Christmas shopping now?

Thrift stores have started throwing out older toys and books, in order to comply with the horrendously misbegotten CPSIA. When I read a story yesterday about this I actually felt physically ill. An overreaction, perhaps, but I love books and the thought of books just being thrown in a landfill because they might have lead (they don't and do you realize, even if they did, how many a child would have to eat to have any ill effects?) just hurts my homeschooling-book loving soul.

The country is going to have an equally terrible "Spend You Must" bill passed on us which has plenty of pork but few solutions (sorry, let my politics out there for a minute).

I want to wake up from this bad dream or go home or whatever feeling of loss I'm experiencing right now to just go away. (le sigh)

And I have to make and decorate 24 cupcakes today but I don't have cupcake liners because we usually don't use them but these cupcakes are for our children's program at church and can't possibly be used if they're not in cupcake liners. (le sigh again)

Now, to get on with the business of the day. If I can just make myself get up out of this chair.

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Karabeth said...

Um, probably not a good time to mention that you look green again. I mean your blog, not you personally. Although . . .

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