Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Which I am On An Organizing Kick

You know how Dave Ramsey advises people trying to get out of debt to "sell so much stuff the dog starts hiding and the kids think they're next"? Things have kind of been like that around the Charming household lately.

No, we're not trying to get out of debt. We're already out of debt except for our mortgage (Praise the Lord, we have never had consumer debt!). And we've got savings. Prince Charming says I have emergency funds for our emergency funds. (He says it in an amused and loving way, lest I be offended.)

So this purging of possessions is not about money. It's about sanity.

I believe I've mentioned that the Charming Cottage is about the size of a postage stamp. I'm not complaining, you understand, I like our house, but facts are facts and this place is small.

Occasionally I feel like all our "stuff" is threatening to take over the house and leave us no room to actually, you know, live. And, as I am not a huge fan of cleaning (neither do I dislike it, I'm just ambivalent), I think it best to keep our possessions to a minimum. Winter (after Christmas) always inspires me into a frenzy of organizing, tidying, and cleaning. I've never been much of a spring cleaner but my winter work makes up for that.

I've been organizing my kitchen, my book shelves, the basement, and I even organized all my bookmarks on my Internet browser. (I'm just itching to do Prince Charming's too, but those are his and I really shouldn't bother fix them without his permission. "Must.Not.Organize.Them." I keep telling myself. "Look away.")

So what has exited our humble abode during this organizing frenzy? Well, just in the last week we removed:

- 1 big bag of (perfectly good but superfluous) toys to our church nursery
- 2 big bags of books to Half Price Books. Where they pay a ridiculously small amount of money, but hey: they are outta here. All the better to make room for the new to us books we plan to buy. We're homeschoolers, what can I say?
- 3 big bags, 2 small bags, & 1 box of miscellaneous "stuff" (sheets, towels, clothes, toys...) to VVA, who come here and get my donations, thereby making donating to charity quite easy and therefore, more likely to happen
- several trash bags full of trash (Why was I hanging on to this stuff?!)

We don't have a dog but I think the girls are trying to keep a low profile these days. Even better, they're trying to keep their toys under control. 'Cause if it's not being played with or put away properly, I've got a nice big box just waiting.

I really should mention that I am very grateful to the Provider of all good things that we are so blessed. But I'm also grateful that our abundance spills over and can go bless someone else.


Lisa said...

I've been going through everything lately too. If I don't want to unpack it at the next place- it's not coming. I also just spent the entire morning organizing all the photos on the computer. Seems we're in the same groove right now.

Karabeth said...

Me too! The Princess and the Big D cleaned out her closet this past Sunday. They also sorted all the things left in her room. As I suspected, most of it now needs to be given to charity. I guess I missed the VV pickup. Maybe next time.

Amy said...

Oooh.... I wish I would get on a purging kick. Maybe if I try really hard I can catch yours. :)

Renae said...

Must be the time of year. I've gotten rid of a garage full. Literally.

I always have a bag or a box waiting to be filled, but I let them accumulate until we can't walk through the garage. I list the big stuff on freecycle and haul the rest to the second-hand store.

Sometimes I think I should try to sell things, but most everything we have was giving to us or scrounged. It feels good to give it to someone else and keep the blessing going. (At least, I hope it's a blessing.) ;)

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