Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Hodge-Podge

Can't quite type...disjointed thoughts about to be dispersed all over the blogosphere...can't resist...

Sorry. I seem to be having trouble with coherency. Maybe it's because we're off our regular routine. We had very special guests for the past two nights. Fun was had by all but at the end you realize no one had enough sleep and wow, it really does matter that Sweet Pea stay on her regular routine, for the good of us all.

Now my three girls are recovering from their junk food imbibing -grandparents to play with and show off to - presents to open binge. They're down for their regular nap, although Tigger is in bed with Polly (so far, so good, fingers crossed). And even our borrowed baby is napping away peacefully. So I ought to be catching up on the seven baskets of laundry that are clean but not folded. Or changing the sheets (hence Tigger camping out in Polly's bed). Or putting away our school books. Or any number of things that must be done on Wednesday.

But instead I am sitting here reading all the blogs I didn't have time to read in the past few days. And wondering if it is going to snow Saturday. And wishing that book I just finished had been better. And dreaming about our upcoming anniversary trip. (We bought the tickets last week!)

And lamenting the fact that, despite my friend Kelly's intervention, I am back down to 13 followers. (le sigh) Maybe if I could think of something worthwhile to talk about. Didn't I used to have opinions about things? Or theories to expound on? Or...something?

Not to worry. I'm sure one of the girls will have some sort of escapade soon. I just hope it's blog worthy but not something that requires a trip to an emergency room. That kind of story I can do without.

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Kelly said...

What?! And after all that work! Someone has put a curse on your blog.

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