Monday, February 2, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Screens

There have been a few questions over the past few days about the look of my blog. (OK, they were all from my mom - Hi, Mom! - but she asked a few times so...)

It seems that sometimes my blog is all green, sometimes all white, and sometimes it looks like it's supposed to look, that is: white in the middle, lime green down the sides. Whither all the permutations?

It's snowing in space.*

OK, not really. But it's so much more complicated than that, and it is related to snow and ice, so let's stick with that answer. If you notice my blog looking wonky, please let me know. It's possible my mom hasn't informed me yet and I'm just blissfully going about my day thinking my blog is call cute, green, white, and three column-y, when it's really an Oscar the Grouch monstrosity with no contrast that not even the youngest and best eyes can read.

I'll try to fix it quick like. And if that doesn't work I'll whine beg until Prince Charming checks it out. And, if that doesn't work, I suppose I could call my fantastic brother-in-law whom I love so dearly (Hi, Stephen) because he's like the "Computer Whisperer" or something and if he can't fix it then my blog is truly doomed.

Random thought: Why doesn't the English language differentiate between "my sister's husband" and "my husband's brother"? Instead we just get "Brother-in-Law" which is so non-specific. That bugs me. Words should be precise. (Same problem with "sister-in-law" only I don't have any of those yet.)

You may now go on about your usual blog business. Thank you very much.

*Bonus points if you can name where this quotation comes from.*


Lisa said...

Come on- give me more of a challenge. Groundhog day. ;)

Karabeth said...

Oh, yes, I knew it too and snickered when I saw it. I am just glad that due to all of the "room and closet rearranging" of the last year I have no clues where that silly movie is located right now so I might get out of watching it today.

I do have my Punxsutawney, PA coffee mug to help me commemorate the event. :)

Glad to know I wasn't bonkers when I suggested certain blog changes were happening. Had me worried there for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Why is your blog background green tonight?

Pastor Dad

P.S. You'll get it right eventually. Remember "Be the Hat"

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