Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confidential Birthday Greeting

Dear Brother-in-law,

I hope your birthday has been wonderful. I'd say your check card is in the mail, but that would be a lie, so I won't say so. But it will be arriving posthaste. (Albeit belated)

Having known you for nearly 24 of your (now) 25 years, let me just say that you have enriched my life in so many ways. And you've turned out much less annoying than I expected.

Love you much!

Many happy returns of the day,

Your honorary (or just plain ornery) big sister


Philip said...

Happy late birthday (not counting the skype yesterday)! You've definitely turned out much better than I thought you would since the days of watching cartoons in your underwear whilst eating tuna straight from the can!

Yes, I'm jealous that you're smarter than me, but I'm also extremely proud!

Anonymous said...


Pastor Dad

P.S. Happy Birthday to him

livingonthecreek said...

Happy Birthday to your brother-in-law. I think I know him too. He was past the cartoon watching and tuna eating though, I think anyway. :-)

Stephen said...

Thanks, especially to Philip bringing up the cartoon/underwear/tuna memory and making it a part of the Internet permanent record!

Philip said...

What are brothers for if not to tirelessly engage in the business of your public humiliation? :)

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