Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where Does It Come From?

Last night my beautiful youngest sister, who is expecting my beautiful nephew to arrive in June (Can't wait!), joined us for dinner. (Supper. Whatever. I can't keep up with what it is supposed to be called. That big meal at the end of the day.)

Princess is a very busy lady with school, work, carrying my beautiful nephew, and being a newlywed. So she, understandably, does not have a lot of time for cooking. Which explains a few exchanges we had over our meal.

I lamented the lack of cream cheese in the house as I had made us a pan of cinnamon rolls.
Princess: "Doesn't the package have some?"
*Nervous laughter from Prince Charming and myself.*
Me: "Um, sweetie, these didn't come out of a can."
Princess: "Oh."
Me: "Actually, nothing on this table came out of a can."
Princess: "Wow!"

Then, as we prepared to move to our living room and watch a movie, we talked of making popcorn.

Princess: "But you don't have a microwave." Fortunately for me, Tigger fielded that concern. (It was a concern very near and dear to her heart back when we didn't replace our microwave after a little fire.)
Tigger: "We use popcorn seeds on the stove. It's very simple."

Those were Tigger's exact words (I know you don't believe me, but it's true). Prince Charming and I couldn't even look at each other lest we embarrass ourselves with laughter. And we didn't want to hurt the Princess's feelings, of course.

Then we all watched a movie and ate popcorn and drank hot cocoa. That came out of little paper packages. No one said everything in our house was from scratch.

And a good time was had by all.


Karabeth said...

The girl really did have Home Ec. Promise. And did really well in it, too. Didn't like it, but did really well.

But you know how my mom always laments that I am more like my maternal grandma than I am like her, meaning my own mother? Well, I think we could say the same for the Princess. :)

onthecreekagain said...

I've found that when the kids are all grown and gone and you don't have all those school books to buy that those canned cinnamon rolls that you can now afford are just the trick. ;-) And those frozen Chinese dinner buckets and the list goes on and on. :-)
I actully do a lot of "from scratch" cooking when company comes and even for a special dinner at home alone.

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