Friday, January 23, 2009

This Is Not What I Planned for Today

Here I was, getting ready to blog about Prince Charming for his birthday when everything fell apart.

Item 1: I was going to do a post about his birthday while he was away teaching. But he didn't get a sub job for today.

Item 2: He and the two older girls are away anyway, visiting my Mamaw in the hospital.

Item 3: I am not visiting my Mamaw because I have the first twinges of whatever plague Sweet Pea has brought into our home. And, much as I'm sure Mamaw would love to see me, her beloved oldest granddaughter, I am sure she would not like whatever particular virus Sweet Pea and I are fighting off.

Item 4: I am supposed to be resting up so that Prince Charming and I can keep our dinner date plans. Eating sans children? I am so there. Virus or no. Maybe. Surely I can pull it together so we can celebrate his birthday, right? We've been looking forward to this for ages. Then there's the whole, "Tomorrow night I'm supposed to play the piano for our choir to sing at a church none of us have been to" thing. Yeah, that's looking likely. Not.

Item 5: Sweet Pea and I are supposed to be napping right now. That's the last thing each girl told me as they walked out. "Try to get some sleep, Mom!" But Sweet Pea is not happy at being confined to her bed in their room all alone. And I am not sleepy. Just tired. Figure that one out. I figure we'll both fall asleep right before the rest of our family returns home.

You'll excuse me then, as I have some important napping to do.

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Amy said...

Oh no! I hope you made it out!!
Happy birthday to your Prince Charming. :)

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