Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Prizes Just Keep Coming

Did you hear that I won a drawing over at Morgan's blog? She has great give-aways every so often and I have never won. But that all changed on January 4th. I won this adorable little calendar with Morgan's beautiful artwork. (If you're really jealous you can order one from her. And she has cute note cards too!)

So, the girls wanted to show it off. First, I had to find the camera. This is not easy. And have I mentioned I desperately need want a new, better camera?

Who licked the lens?
Girls! Just look at the camera like normal people...oh well, no use in asking for the impossible.
Flash off = blurry calendar. Mostly because Tigger is a perpetual motion type of girl. (I suppose you have guessed that from her nickname)

Never mind. Thanks for the beautiful calendar, Morgan! We all love it.


Karabeth said...

And the rest of us are jealous. :)

Even with this spectatular win-streak you've got going on, we better not hear about any exploits at the casinos!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures! What cute 'calendar girls'! :)

Glad it arrived!!


Lisa said...

I'm jealous too! What a cute calender

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