Thursday, January 8, 2009

Once Upon a Gloomy Thursday...

This is far from scientific, but I suspect snowy, dark, below-freezing Thursdays must not inspire many blog posts. This is based on the fact that very few of you have updated your blogs today. (And yes, I know, when am I ever scientific? It could happen, I suppose.)

C'mon, folks, what am I supposed to do on a cold and gloomy Thursday if you don't enable my blog habit?

Answer: take the two oldest girls and get out. You've had to get out before, haven't you? If you haven't...I need to know your secret, pronto. That, or you just haven't had any children yet, in which case, it's too late for me to know that particular secret.

So we three left Prince Charming and Sweet Pea here at the Charming cottage and betook ourselves to the library and further points out. Judging from the groggy expressions on the folks we left behind, I suspect much nap-taking went on. Prince Charming was loading the dishwasher when we returned but we weren't fooled. The oldest and the youngest of our family had settled in for a long winter's nap during our absence and I say we are all the better for it.

Back to those of us that got out, we, as previously mentioned, went first to our beloved library. Where I had roughly 67 holds in to check out. I exaggerate but only by a few books. I lamented the absence of Prince Charming at this point, not because he's only good for lugging bags of books but because, well, he really does do an excellent job carrying books.

After this we headed off to a large grocery / superstore that I dislike. And no, it doesn't start with "W". Or "K". Or "T". That ought to narrow that down.

At this store I was on a mission from Prince Charming to look for the game "Sorry Sliders" which must have been, secretly, the most popular Christmas gift of 2008 because it is nowhere. No store has it and they're not sure when they're getting it back in stock. Which is too bad, because Prince Charming thinks our family really would enjoy it.

So we traipsed around this big box of a store (partially dragging Tigger part way through when she decided, "no, she couldn't possibly walk another step and why do we have to be out anyway?") At one point the girls tried to talk me into buying: Barbie furniture (Not now. Maybe if you bring your own money next time), the old-fashioned Sorry game ("It's sort of like the one Dad wants." No.), and goldfish ("Mom, they're only $0.15 each!" Really, really: no.). I did acquiesce to the Christmas stocking that matches the five stockings we already have. ("Mom, what if we have another baby?" But we're not, right now. "But what if we do?" Fine. Good thing the store only had one!)

After this we hadn't had enough, so we crossed town to hit the "Big Scrapbooking Store" as my girls refer to the store's whose initials are H.L. We did not pick up any scrapbooking stuff. We did hit up the 80% Off Christmas selection, where we decided to add to our expanding hat box collection. I mean, have you seen these things? They are seriously cute. And useful too, of course. We bought a pink and white box for the girls' room too. And two birthday cards. And then it was time to go home and make supper.

The home folks were rested from their naps, we'd had enough shopping, we had lots of new books to look at, and, with one hour to go until supper, the girls decided they had plenty of time to empty all their toys from their room into the living room.

It's been, and I mean this quite non-sarcastically (which is rare for me, I know), a fabulous day.


Kelly said...

I honestly posted exactly one minute before you did. And I am the one on a blogging strike. :)

Kelly said...

And I had a fabulous day, too. Just thought I would add that. :)

Karabeth said...

I got out today, too, but I'm not so sure I'm happy about it. On the other hand, I do know a bit more about a certain blond basketball player's family now that I did. Details later.

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

Hey that's because I posted so much in the last two days! Not that I expect you to be following me much ;o)

Working on a response to your reading post. Tired tonight, but might have it up tomorrow. Will comment there when I do.

Anonymous said...

I keep waiting for our HL to go to 90% off, but I think 80 is as far as they're going to go this time with very much stuff. :P When I was in there earlier this week their 80% off was pretty well gone.

Sounds like you had a fun day! :)

Oh, and I love those hat boxes. ;)


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