Friday, January 9, 2009

Obligatory Post to Remind Myself What Happened Today

After our outing yesterday, we had a nice cozy, "in" day today. The sun was shining and it wasn't nearly as cold. Which led to increased productivity, naturally. Funny how that works.

- Schoolwork = complete. Well, mostly. We intended to do our picture study and Shakespeare story but we didn't because we did some extra (long) history reading. And let me just say, reading a book like Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam will really test one's commitment to a thorough history education (dare I suggest we are trying to be, "Fair and Balanced?").

- Sewing = complete. Yes, I again conquered the temperamental beast that masquerades as my sewing machine. For the purpose of hemming two pairs of really nice pants that were given to me. They're size four but went past my feet by a good foot. Are there really all that many six foot women wearing size four? Don't answer that, I probably don't want to know.

- Feeding of voracious eating-machine like family members = done. Feeding of extremely picky and (for tonight at least) over-sensitive eldest daughter = also done. Not quite as easily, but we managed. And no, it wasn't as bad as the pumpkin soup fiasco. It would take a lot to be that bad.

- Numerous toys organized and put away = complete. Until five minutes after my children wake up in the morning, I'm sure.

- Putting to bed, reading of chapter book, prayers, one drink of water, preparations for the tooth fairy who must again visit our home this night = done, done, done, done and done.

- Watching of sweet, sentimental, & sad 1939 movie (Good-bye, Mr. Chips) = done.

What's left? More reading before putting of self to bed and much desired and longed for sleep.


Lisa said...

Sounds like a very eventful day!

Anonymous said...

Is not "obligatory" a wonderfully accurate, artful word?

Pastor Dad

Allyson said...

I most definitely find that size 4 pants must come especially made for the more petite women. They never think about us.

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