Thursday, January 15, 2009

January Comes Eventually

So far this week we have had grievous amounts of snow and cold predicted for four straight days. The snow always manages to blow by us (not that I'm complaining, I very much dislike being snowed in) but the cold is here and boy is it cold.

My girls were looking out the window this morning at the pitiful amount of snow on the ground. "Aw, the sun is going to melt it before we can play in it," they said.

Um, no. The sun is not going to melt anything when the temperature is FIFTEEN degrees Fahrenheit. They won't get to play outside but not because of the sun. Could be something to do with the fact that I don't want my children turned into living Popsicles.

Meanwhile, life goes on. A meeting that I am not attending Saturday, still demands my attention because other people are attending it and those people seem to be changing their minds every three seconds on just exactly who is going, who must pay, and so on.

And another meeting, that I am attending Monday night, is a meeting I signed up to bring refreshments to way back in September when January seemed so far away it would never come. What was I thinking? Foolish short-sightedness, that's what it was. I'm willing to take suggestions on what sort of snacks to take.

I've ruled out Popsicles.

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