Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Which I Issue My Blog Directives

1. Do not blow my cover. If you know my s.s. number, my birthmarks, my last name, my mother's maiden name, my children's real names (hint: they're not Polly, Tigger, & Sweet Pea), my neighborhood, or my driver's license number: Keep it to Yourself. Do not share. Do not think that I have withheld these pieces of information because I am trying to be deceitful. Nor is it because I am overly whimsical.

2. Do not bring your little shibboleths, sacred cows, pet peeves, etc. over to my blog comments, unless invited to do so. You are welcome to start your own blog if you believe these things must be addressed. Unlike my husband (who has his own blog and loves a good controversy), I feel no qualms whatsoever deleting obscene or obnoxious comments. Who judges content? I do. It's my blog.

3. Do not copy. Unless you ask. In which case I will be highly flattered and grant permission while trying unsuccessfully to hide my excitement. (Imitation being the highest form of flattery and all that.)

4. Do realize that behind every blog (well, most) there is a real person. And everyone reading (I assume) is a real person. Let's act accordingly, mmkay?

5. Do update regularly. C'mon people. I love reading your blogs. Drop a line. A picture. A link to something you thought was interesting. A quiz (I take 'em all). Unless you're sick with The Stomach Plague of Horror (or such like). Then of course, you're excused.


Karabeth said...

Umm. I think I know everything about you that is listed under point #1 except your driver's license number. Can you send that to me just in case I need it? :)

Also, can I copy the picture of Polly, Tigger, and Sweet Pea that came in the Christmas card for use on my own blog as per point #3?

I think that's it for now. I'll get back to you if any of the other points concern me. :)

Karabeth said...

P.S. Nice background color!

Lisa said...

Quit tryin to give me orders through your blog! =)

Calina said...

I hate controversy. I've never had any red hot topics, I guess. Or maybe no one reads my blog. It's just as well because it would probably STRESS me out. I mean I know not everyone will feel the way I do, but when I write on MY blog. I am going to share MY opinion. If you have an opinion, start your own blog! LOL!

I have borrowed some of your quizzes. But I referred them to your blog. Hopefully you got some more traffic?!?

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